Algona, IA

1502 North Highway 169
Algona, IA 50511

(515) 395-2472
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24-hour access
24-hour security
convenient parking
anywhere club access
private restrooms
private showers
personal training
cardio tvs
health plan discounts
wellness programs
fitness and weight loss programs
the sled sytem

cardio equipment

exercise cycles
expresso bike
summit climber

strength equipment

free weights
trx and jumbo gym, bands,
stability and medicine balls, bosu ball


randy nielsen

robin meyer



Stop by our health club TODAY!
Our Staffed, Office Hours for Membership Information & Tours are:

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 1pm


We Build Everyday People 
Our goal is to help everyday people.

If your goal is to improve and maintain your fitness and health, we are the place for you!  We have realistic programs that will help you reach your goals, and our main program is free to you - part of your membership!  The good thing about it is that it's set up to offer support to you as long as you are a member!  (See more on this below)

Our Guarantee
As long as you remain a member we will never raise your membership rate!  We now have members who joined when we first opened who are still paying 2010 rates!

Open 24/7 To Our Members
With your own keyfob you can come in anytime day or night!  The nice thing about this is that most of the time we are not crowded. So if you don't like crowds we're the place for you (most of the time)!

On the other hand, if you like to workout with others, come in during busier times. You'll be surprised to see old friends to work out with and can make new friends as well!

Affordable Memberships
We don't advertise our LOW MONTHLY RATES or give them out over the phone because we want to show you what we have to offer and because we have several options for memberships. it is always best to talk in person to help you figure out the best package/price for you.  However, we will tell you that our rates are almost always below other's price.

Many clubs raise their membership rates every year on their members.  We don't do that!  In fact, we guarantee that your membership rate will never go up as long as you remanin a member.  So in 2015, when other clubs have raised their rates again, (and we have too for new members) our members who joined in previous years will still have the same low price rate that they received when they joined!

Fun Culture
We're the most fun place in town! Come enjoy the parties, participate in our challenges, have fun with our friendly members and see just how helpful our staff can be!

The Best Equipment
We pledge to you that we will never have broken down or old equipment! Come, check out our top of the line equipment.  

Member Success and Personal Training
Get help (free!) from one of our personal trainers or manager.  Robin
can meet with you for a fitness consultation, help you with your goals, give you a workout and then continue to support you as long as you are a member! How about that!  Again, there is no charge for this.  It is part of your membership!

However, if you choose, our personal trainers can also give you more personal attention with personal training.  Of course there are fees for this.  

Access to ALL Anytime Fitness Clubs in the World!
Exercise at any and ALL Anytime Fitness's for the price of our standard monthly membership! IE. Any town in Iowa or Minnesota that has equal, or larger population to Algona probably has an Anytime Fitness! Choose from 2,400 locations worldwide. See to see all locations!