Austin, TX (Guadalupe St) 24 hour gym

3407 Guadalupe St
Ste A
Austin, TX 78705

(512) 538-0404
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we offer amped-up 7 day passes

We give you an amped-up pass with 24 hour access! NOT limited to office hours. 7 Day passes require local I.D. or proof of residency. Must be 18+ years of age. 14 day un-amped passes not accepted

valid through: always

$20 enrollment + $20 bi-weekly

Full 24/7 access to the Anytime Fitness international system with 34th & Guadalupe as your home gym! Annual membership required.

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24-hour access
24-hour security
convenient parking
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private restrooms
private showers
personal training
cardio tvs
health plan discounts
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personal training

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exercise cycles
stair climbers
adaptive motion trainers
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trx suspension training


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Your Austin Gym. Your Fitness Center. Your Health Club. 24/7/365

Special Notes

..... We happily honor 7-day passes, only, effective 11/5/2012. Just click the normal pass link on this page. Please be prepared to show photo ID and proof of local residency in order to activate your pass during Office Hours. 

..... We don't have lines for equipment and preserve this kind of fitness experience while still growing. 

..... For visitors ( Rodeo!!) to Austin, we have daily, weekly and monthly options for you. Drop by during office hours to get going!

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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday    10 am - 7pm

Friday                          10 am - 6 pm

Saturday                      10 am - 2 pm

Sunday      By Appointment Any Time!

The Anti - 3rd place

Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO of Starbucks, has often said “Starbucks wants to be the 3rd place.” That’s the place where people spend the most time after home and work.

And while we respect his brand positioning, we don’t believe anyone’s 3rd place should be a coffee shop or a health club. Anytime Fitness does not want to be your 3rd place, but we’ll make your 3rd place better. And, we’ll get you there faster. Your 3rd place should be a place where you do whatever brings you the most happiness - time with loved ones, gardening, coaching, golfing, reading, being an amateur chef or whatever passion stirs inside. And, the 30 minutes you spend with us makes the other 23 ½ hours better. Get in, get out, get to loving what you do.

The way AF is built:

We value a person’s time, and Anytime Fitness has been purposely built with no hassles, no front desk, no gigantic parking lots, no daycares to schedule, no salons, and no massage rooms and smoothie bars to navigate. You open the door, put your keys in the cubby, and step onto the equipment. A 30-minute workout – accomplished in 30 minutes.

Convenience trumps price:

24/7/365 access to a growing network of 2,000+ clubs in 14 countries. Want to work out in MN? Visit any of the 120+ clubs around the state. This offers unmatched convenience. Traveling to Florida? Australia? Europe? We’ve got you covered.

Because, we understand that the important stuff in life happens outside the club, not inside.

You might only spend two hours a week inside our club, but we’ll help you make healthy choices for the time away from the club. offers virtual education, inspiration, coaching, and tools for personalized nutrition and fitness - wherever you want or whenever you can fit it in. - on your time, not ours.

Because, we are honest - working out sucks, but doing it fast makes it suck less.

If you value saving a few bucks, and don’t mind wasting your time, you might want to join a cheaper club. They certainly didn’t build it with you in mind.

Because, while other clubs want to be bigger and cheaper, we strive to be the most convenient. What type of cell phone do you want- bigger, cheaper, or faster? There is a growing obsession over speed. Why? Because we are all busy and time is our most valuable currency. Anytime Fitness provides the fastest experience in the industry. We save you time and money!

Anytime Fitness is the microwave of the fitness industry – quick and convenient.

While other clubs race to be bigger or cheaper, we are focused on being more human. With an average of 750 members per club, we are engineered to care - and we want you use the club as often as possible. We know your name, workout history, and personal fitness goals. Our competitors need 6,000 to 12,000 members to make a profit, and they are betting that you won’t use the club or you’ll be pressured to make in-club purchases. And, they’ll never know you among thousands of other members. Get ready to be another number.

Bus Route Information for routes 1L, 1M, 3, 21, 22, 481:

Stop 490

Stop 604

Stop 4800

Stop 2081


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