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Welcome to our club! 

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Enroll for only $14 during February!


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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by.  We know you have a choice in health clubs and our goal is to ensure you feel you have made the Right Choice with joining our club. 

We greatly appreciate our members and we continually show that by providing the latest in Cardio Equipment, Strength Building Equipment, Group Exercise Classes, Personal Training and Nutritional Supplements.  We work hard to provide our members with a friendly, clean and safe environment along with convenient 24 hour access. 

Like everything else today, staying in shape has become somewhat complicated.  There are many ideas and theories out there as to what it takes to be healthy and physically fit.  Free weights vs machines, what should the ratio be between cardio and strength training not to mention navigating through the menagerie of of nutritional supplements out there.  These are just some of the issues facing those who desire to be physically fit today.

THE GOOD NEWS IS!...We have the answers!  We have Fitness Experts on staff to work with you and guide your activities to ensure maximum results for your hard work.  

Whether you desire weight loss, muscle mass or you are training for a competition or event, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you achieve your goals.  Let us help you look and feel your best!

Stop by today and let us show you how to get to a healthier place!  On behalf of the entire Anytime Fitness Ann Arbor staff...Here's to your health!


Anytime Fitness | Get to a Healthier Place.®

  • Friendly, professional staff trained to get you to a healthier place.
  • Support for your fitness journey, no matter your fitness level.
  • Welcoming club and supportive member community.
  • Every member gets a free one hour Personal Training session
  • Global access to more than 3,000 gyms.
  • Always open convenience...Anytime!


Stop by our Ann Arbor Maple Road club TODAY for a FREE 7 Day Pass and a FREE one hour session with one of our award winning Personal Trainers 

Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest 24 hour gym and co-ed fitness center chain.  Unlike the Big Box Gyms we are a Boutique Club focusing more on Customer Service and Member experience.  Stop by today to tour the club and activate a Free 7 Day Pass.  We promise no high pressure sales tactics, only genuine personable people who truly care about your overall fitness.


We'll customize a program that's right for you, with your needs and goals in mind.

While what you pay every month for your health is always important, it doesn't cost a lot of money to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We are always asked about pricing.  When price shopping, don't forget to take value into consideration.  The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies to the fitness industry as well. 

We are not the most expensive club and we are not the least expensive either.  We don't want lines of members all paying $10 a month waiting for a machine or piece of equipment.  What we do want is a pleasant member experience that allows you to exercise at your own level while seeing results for your hard work.

For that reason, we offer a variety of tailor made pricing plans for each member based on their individual needs starting at $36.00 per month with flexible terms and pricing options; you get far more than you’d expect.

Whether you're new to working out or a fitness regular, we've got the right staff, state-of-the art equipment, and services to meet your needs.  with flexible terms and pricing options. You can customize your membership to include additional services, such as:

  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Tanning

Come in and see our club for yourself.  There won't be any high pressure sales tactics that get you into something you don't need or can't afford; just fun personable people who love what they do and genuinly care about your fitness needs.  We would love to meet you and discuss how we can help you get to a healthier place in your life.


Hours of Operation

Always-open convenience of a 24 hour gym

Anytime Fitness of Ann Arbor MI on Maple Road, is the fitness center that fits your on-the-go lifestyle. At our Ann Arbor club you can exercise any time using your own security-access key! That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...THAT'S ANYTIME! 

Our Staffed hours are as follows:

Staffed Hours

Mon-Thurs......10 AM - 7 PM

Saturday........10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday..........By Appointment



We carry Europa Nutritional Supplements to help you meet your fitness goals. 

  • Sufficient Protein is a must to maximize your results.  It's difficult to obtain the amount of protein you need in your daily diet.  Protein supplements make it easier.
  • Pre-workout Boosters support energy and enhance focus so you can blast through your workout and get the results you are looking for.
  • During your workout, fuel your body during those intense training sessions and help support recovery with the best selection of During Workout Supplements.
  • Support optimal muscle growth potential with a post workout recovery drink.  Support Muscle and Recovery!

Our Training Staff is well equipped with the knowledge you will need to make the proper supplement selections.  Just ask and they will be happy to guide you through each item and help you maximize your fitness plan.  


But Don't Take Our Word For It!

Here's what our members are saying...

MEGAN S. on 2015-03-15…Because the staff is great!

NICHOLAS P. on 2015-03-01…I've been a member there for four years and out of all the locations in this area it's the nicest one I've found.

LOGAN P. on 2015-03-01…The gym staff just really feels like a big family and there's always a positive vibe there. I'm very new to going to the gym and I feel welcome every time I come in, and all of the staff know me and say hello. They just make you want to be there.

KRISTINA K. on 2015-03-01…The atmosphere is great.

CABRINA K. on 2015-02-25…The bathrooms are clean, the staff is friendly, the equipment is decent, and it's very accessible. It is also not very crowded.

EROS V. on 2015-02-24…Great people. Great customer service! 


Personal Training     

Personal Training is not just for the rich and famous anymore.  If you want results for your hard work, they are the experts and they can show you how to get it done.  People from all walks of life use Personal Trainers to help motivate and guide them to a healthier place.

Here are a just a few reasons why a Personal Trainer may be what you need.

  • You don't know where to start
  • You're not seeing the results you want
  • You're bored with the same old workouts
  • You need to be challenged
  • You need help with your diet
  • You need accountability and motivation
  • You have a specific injury, illness or condition
  • You're training for a sport or event
  • You want supervision and support during your workouts
  • You want an individualized program just for you

We truly have the best Personal Trainers around.  They are dedicated people committed to helping you.  They have your best interest at heart and have a sincere desire to help you look and feel your best.

We won't let just anybody train you.  Our trainers are screened and hand selected.  They are Award Winning, Nationally Certified and they must meet the highest industry standards we have set for training our members.

Try out our Personal Training Programs.  You won't be sorry when you look and feel your best!



 One membership, thousands of health clubs!

 At the Anytime Fitness center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re proud to offer the benefit of Anywhere Club Access. With this benefit, you can visit thousands of our Anytime Fitness centers!  It's included with your membership!  With Anywhere Club Access, you can exercise whenever—and wherever—it suits you best.  1000'S of locations to choose from across the country!


 One Stop Shopping

  We offer a variety of fitness related items to help with meeting your fitness needs.

  • Fitbits
  • Water bottles
  • Tee Shirts
  • Shaker Bottles
  • Towels
  • Ear Buds

 These are just a few of the items we have on hand to make sure you are getting what you need to help you with your workouts.



 Fit Over 50

The over 50 crowd is deciding to Get Healthy and Fit in a big way. If you just want to simply walk comfortably or sit and stand without effort or spend time playing with the grandkids we have the solution for you. 

Our job is to get you moving beyond what you would normally do.  We start at a level that you can easily handle and graduate slowly to more difficult movement.  Our Fit over 50 classes are just what you need to help ease the aging process.

You won't find a better way! 


Member Referral Program

We have a referral program in place which gives our membership a chance to win some fantastic prizes.  It works like this:

Every time a friend that you have referred joins our location, we give you a FREE (yup, I said FREE!) month.  Win, win!  Just make sure your friend mentions your name when they sign up.