anytime fitness express:
small market, big opportunity

The Anytime Fitness Express® concept is the ultimate solution for a market with a population of 7,000 or fewer, and it's just one of the many ways Anytime Fitness® continues to set trends in the fitness industry!

Explore an Express Club

small market solution

The Express club is ideally suited for population centers of 7,000 people or fewer within a 4-mile radius. It offers cutting-edge fitness clubs to areas that may have few, if any, workout options. To achieve maximum potential, a franchisee can cover a chain of small markets with Express clubs. This is possible due to the lower franchise fees and reduced operating expenses of an Express club. They typically operate with lower security costs and reduced payroll.

In most ways, Express clubs operate just as standard clubs. For example, when you open in new territory, you are eligible for all the training and support offered to non-Express owners. You will also have access to the sales, marketing, and communications tools offered to non-Express franchisees. Also, all Anytime Fitness members are able to visit any club in our system with one membership. Finally, Express clubs operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. That convenience, along with the other advantages of our business model, may make Anytime Fitness Express the opportunity for you!